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  • Nick says:

    worked on the beach all my life. I’m loving that they’re building new homes down here but would love to see better designed houses on prime real estate. The big balcony’s on the flats should be on the houses with views over looking the beach and making the most of it!

    We have most amazing sun sets and to have the living quarters on the back of the house looking at the mountains is just wasteful where the views of sun setting behind swansea and mumbles are just spectacular and not to be wasted. I’ve always wanted to have a house down the beach but they need to be better for prime real-estate. (Sorry to moan)

  • Love most of plan ,but for myself would love it if there’s. (2 Storie 3 bed detached with garage under £220 Thousand. ). You need to think of the older people as well, the problem we have with all them stairs.

  • Please think of us older people as well .Theres no more bungalows being built and not all of us are ready to go into a nursing home . So please don’t make it impossible for us by mostly giving us little chance by building 3 storie . Please .

  • Jack Steele says:

    Most of the houses and flats look great but the Houses should have balconies overlooking the beach like other new builds that have been built on the front. That way they can reap the benefits of the beach location. Especially if they will be 3 storey.

    As it is a prime location you should lessen the amount of houses and make the houses a bit bigger and have more garden.

    Don’t know why companies these days squeeze as many houses on land as possible.

    You have a great location right on the beach front, use it to its full potential with luxury homes at the front with luxury flats and affordable homes at the back. The best houses have the best view.

    Make it a little community and show why your location on aberavon beach front is the place to buy.

    Looking forward to seeing how it unfolds and the price range.

  • Gary thomad says:

    Apartments with large balconies for outside living would be ideal big enough to get a good size patio furniture on there not like the ones by the old jersey beach hotel

  • Gary Owen says:

    One problem with the new homes is sand coming inside the roof space, when I worked for the council we would attend seafront houses to remove sand from the attic areas, also the use of stainless steel on all exposed areas would be a good idea due to salt air.

  • I agree with jack Steele comments bigger houses at front with balcony .

    I’m looking forward to the price release to. Any one have any ideas what price the 2 Storie 4 bed might be ?

  • Caroline Brown says:

    All good points here. Prime real estate (single dwelling houses should be at front facing beach) Puzzling you chose 3 storey – even young families would prefer 2 stories I would hazard to guess – less stairs for young children to negotiate and of course with the older cohort it’s not age friendly.

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