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  • Gareth Williams on says:

    What noise abatement are you going to implement for the three houses adjacent to this development, plus is there going to be sufficient parking for the development so they do not encroach on the property’s adjacent to the site.

  • W Griffiths Architects says:

    Dear Mr Williams, thank you for your comments which are much appreciated. The Applicant, Architect and Planning Officers had considered noise abatement which is one of the reasons there is a landscaped buffer separating the new building and the existing houses. Because there are currently no specific end users it was also decided to take the advice of an Acoustic Consultant (Inacoustic) to advise on wording to ensure suitable acoustic standards are adhered to when users are known. Parking has been the subject of meetings and discussions with NPT Highways whose standards we adhere to. We have based our parking numbers on a higher usage than is likely or experience of Swansea Valley Business Park suggests will be the case.

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